The Kindle is huge in the UK, helped by Amazon using their huge buying power and subsidising the hardware to bring the price down. It is a great platform for any author looking to publish their book to users throughout the world, and offers direct payment to your bank account. As well as the Kindle devices, Kindle content can also be purchased and read on smartphones.

In the US, the market is a bit more varied, with Barnes and Noble pushing their Nook e-reader. You may have also heard of the iBookstore, Apple's ebook offering for iPhones and iPads.

We will publish directly to the Kindle, allowing you to take 70% of the royalties from each sale.

We can publish via an aggregation service that will make your book available to Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, WH Smiths and other popular ebook retailers to give you maxiumum exposure for your work. This service gives you around 60% of the royalties from each sale.

If you don't already have a website to help you promote your book, we can set one up to get you started.