Do I need an ISBN?

No, Amazon do not require ISBN numbers for publishing to the Kindle.

I already have an ISBN, can I use it with my eBook?

If it is unused then you can assign an ISBN to your ebook. If it is already assigned to a paper copy, then it cannot be used as ISBNs refer to a particular publisher and format of a book. You don't need an ISBN number to publish to the Kindle.

I have a basic cover design, can you use it?

We are happy to use any ideas or images you have to create a more polished cover.

How do I get paid when people purchase my book?

Payment from Amazon is either by cheque or by electronic fund transfer. These are 60 days in arrears.

What formats do you accept?

We accept Microsoft Word (all versions), Open Office .odt files, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF.

How long does the process take?

We aim to have your book converted and available on Amazon within 7 working days. Cover design may take a little more time as we will need your feedback on our creations.

Do I need to sign any rights over to you?

No, you keep all the rights to your book.

How will people find my book on Amazon?

You can choose two sales categories to allow people to find your book, and seven keywords for people to search by. You can find a full list of the categories here.